Galaxy Makeup: It's Not Just For Halloween

Meghana Rabindranath

Some may even say it’s out of the world

If anything is popular in 2017 it’s definitely the solar system. From leggings to lipstick it’s nearly impossible to scroll through social media feeds without seeing a space themed product. But gorgeous shimmery metallic shades all over the place? We’re not complaining.

From makeup mogul and influencer, Pat McGrath to brands like MAC Cosmetics are all taking advantage of this cosmic collision. Sure, trends like galaxy freckles are popular but think bright pops of blue and purple metallic, super glossy lips with high pigments of glitter colour and our favourite highlighters bright with colours that are out of this world (you can't blame us for using this line over) and trust us, you don’t have to just use this look for Halloween.

From Estee Lauder’s new Pure Love Lipstick line to Urban Decay Moondust Palette, brands are pining for you to try this popular Insta-worthy trend also, they are super easy to recreate. 


Celestial Eyes


Gooey Lips


Futuristic Highlight


Planet Glitter


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