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Humidifiers Are Going To Save Your Skin This Winter

Komal Basith

My normally oily skin is freaking out. It’s dry and scaly in patches and red and sore in some really weird patches, like on my cheekbones and around my lips. What can I use that isn’t super rich and won’t break me out?

Here’s what I recommend.

A moisturizer: Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion+. Light as air, sinks into the skin, moisturizes without greasiness, won’t break you out.

A toner: Dermalogica’s Antioxidant Hydramist. Surprisingly effective at combatting dryness (instantly), makes your skin glow, won’t break you out.

humidifier: Definitely won’t break you out, and might even be more effective than the first two things put together. When it’s cold and dry and your skin’s having trouble hanging on to moisture, a humidifier is one of the most effective ways to make things easier for your skin – and for you. Besides, it’ll also have you waking up looking like you spent the night at a balmy beach resort, not to mention cutting down on colds and sore throats this season.

It’ll help to have it on in the room you spend the most time in – if it leads to funny looks at work, make sure you have one by your bed at the very least so your skin can get plenty of moisture while you sleep.

Don’t do much else to it – when your skin is so dry it’s flaking or raw, you want to treat it as gently as possible, which means not overloading it with products. I hope this helps!


I’m staying with some friends who don’t live in India for a week in December, and I wanted to give my hostess a gift – the only trouble is I’ve only met her once when she married my friend. Makeup is out, so’s perfume – I don’t want to get her something that she won’t use, either. What’s thoughtful and still elegant without being too in your face?

I can’t think of anything less in your face than a travel set of beauty goodies. Everyone needs them, whether to replenish their guest bathroom or when they’re going on holiday themselves, and they’re always packaged so nicely that they make for great gifts that pretty anyone can appreciate. You mentioned that your friends don’t live in India, so maybe try one of Kama Ayurveda’s gift sets? I’m particularly fond of their citrusy, orange-based Sanobar range, which has a gift set that includes a hair and body cleanser, conditioner and moisturiser in 200 ml bottles – perfect for travel or home. Have a great holiday!

And because it’s almost the weekend, here’s one of the funniest videos of the week about some of the funniest videos this week, courtesy my favourite YouTubers Equals Three. Have a lovely weekend!


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