In Search of the Perfect Flared Jeans

Komal Basith

I know we’ve said it on Jossbox before, but the 70s are baaaack! There’s something about the decade that invokes joy and freedom; speaking of which, you know what weren't around in the 70s? Skinny jeans.

Between fashion’s new love for the flared jean and its near-obsession with the boyfriend jean (which we’ve talked about herehere and here), skinny jeans are starting to feel a little bit passé – and not a moment too soon. Have you ever tried yanking a pair on right after the shower in this heat? It's an exercise in patience.

Flared jeans don’t have that problem. They glide over a woman’s thighs, add about four inches to her height (if fashion really is all about smoke and mirrors you may as well use it to your advantage) and have the added benefit of making her look like she is always on her way to something exciting thanks to the fact that flares have the ability to turn even the most demure of gaits into an all-out stride.

The only question now is – where to find some? Well, we’ve got options aplenty.


The great thing about flared jeans is that because they feature both slim and voluminous silhouettes (starting out slim and widening out), you can wear them with either silhouette on top. Skinny t-shirts, loose, flowy, peasant-style blouses or silky shirts – they’ll all add a sense of balance to your outfit. For maximum effect, wear your jeans with the highest heels you own.



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