Can We Talk About Justin Bieber’s New Girlfriend’s Style?

Naaila Khan

Let’s dive right into it: we’re talking about the same girl who was (presumably unwillingly) the cause of Jelena’s latest Twitter feud that led to Justin Bieber abandoning Instagram – I repeat, Justin Bieber left Instagram and is still not back on. Sure, Sofia Richie is currently one third of headlines like: “Justin Bieber avoids Selena Gomez’s Lupus woes amid blossoming love with Sofia Richie”, but here’s what our love is blossoming for – has anyone noticed Nicole Richie’s little sister’s killer style, or is it just us?

To put it in the most rudimental way, Sofia Richie’s style is basically Kylie Jenner’s super casual, athleisure wardrobe you’re totally jelly of X 10 (same squad, by the way). So if you love when Kylie is in oversized clothing, but not a big fan of when she goes full glam, you’re going to love Sofia. (Seriously, the girl lives in sneakers.)

Take for example, this time she went all cornrows and Life of Pablo to prove it doesn’t take much to look cool as hell…

Or this time she effortlessly managed to look both like a 2016 Instagram post and a grungy catalogue from the ‘90s. Takes skill. 

Also this time she pulled off what seem like The Simple Life-inspired pink sunnies that her sister would totally approve of, while romancing her boy toy. 

Won’t take you more than a scroll to see this cracker is total #stylegoals. Which is why we stalked her and dissected her style into some key lessons: take a look. (Try ignoring the miles of ‘snake’ comments though - we know we’re dealing with Instagram’s most hated person right now, but hey, she’s got style!) 

LESSON 1: Here’s a girl who firmly believes in everything denim. Denim is her, she is denim. A denim jacket here, some jorts there, and the world is a much happier place. Style takeaway: denim on denim is still in! Especially if it includes ever-so-aesthetically ripped jeans.




LESSON 2: A millennial style pro can make joggers + sneakers work with everything, especially a good satin bomber jacket that keeps you right on trend. 



LESSON 3: If you don’t go crazy with your statement pieces once in a while, you haven’t lived. For best results, pair a Jeremy Scott-level riot of colours with something basic. 



LESSON 4: Don’t think of wearing all-black errthing as something you do on a style off-duty day, think of it as a power you wield, whether it’s your birthday or a day out on the streets.  

Also, a shoutout to those nude sneakers – goddamn! – can these be a thing by themselves, already? 


LESSON 5: Black appropriation controversies aside, how cool are these cornrows? Bonus: instant face lift. 


LESSON 6: What if all your coziest sweatshirts extended a little and turned into dresses? Welcome to sweatdresses! Pair with sneakers, booties, thigh highs – whatever rock your feet. Now you can be at the sickest party and still feel like you’re cuddling in Mexico with JB – er, that’s just her, sorry.


Side note: Are those purposefully ripped stockings to imply the snarling Rottweiler did it? Deep



LESSON 7: Thou shalt not settle into a rut when it comes to footwear – thou shalt be adventurous. Exhibit A: thigh high boots to take you from basic to baesic. Especially if they’re distressed denim (or RiRi’s 9-5s), and especially on adorable little sweatdresses.  


LESSON 8: Camouflage is not just for hot army men, it’s for a hot you too. Here’s Sofia showing you how to make it the centre of your outfit or layer it for added effect. Also to seriously consider: hats, hats, hats. 






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