Jo Malone Has A New Fragrance

Komal Basith

And it’s inspired by India!

Jo Malone is about as British as tea and scones and a predilection for apologizing when someone bumps into you and so it comes as a pleasant surprise that less than a year after finally launching in India, they’re out with a new fragrance inspired by one of India’s most prolific flowers. The flower in question? Jasmine!

For a look into the inspiration for Jo Malone’s Jasmine Sambac and Marigold, imagine this: it is early morning in a flower market in Tamil Nadu. There are thousands of flowers as far as the eye can see – marigolds in bright orange and yellow, roses in every shade imaginable. Then the jasmine arrives, and the market comes alive – ‘as if you’re at the theatre and the main star steps onto the stage,’ says Celine Roux, creative director at Jo Malone.

Dhoti-clad men unload the buds from lorries in large, bulging sacks, from which they are transferred to overflowing wicker baskets, displayed on the floor in huge mounds, or turned into thick coils of rope that hang from the roofs of the stalls. This is the scene that inspired Celine on a trip to India to launch the brand, and when she realized that the brand’s next fragrance would be inspired by India.

“Jasmine is a noble ingredient in perfumery and it’s always been at the back of our mind to have it in the spotlight,” she says. When she travelled to India to launch the brand, she made sure to explore the flower further and was captivated by one variety in particular, the Jasmine Sambac. “The scent is spectacular and it was clear this was the most special and precious one, so it felt like the right match,” she says. “The aim was to create a scent that represented the warm and sunny vibe of the markets, with an addictive facet that makes you want to go back again and again.”

And of the fragrance itself? It features top notes of marigold, a heart of jasmine sambac, and a base of benzoin, a warm, woody, resin reminiscent of incense, for a scent that is fresh and warm at the same time, the perfect summer fragrance. There are two variants, 100 ml and 50 ml, both of which launched on the 1st of April. Get yours at your closest Jo Malone store. 


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