Keeping Zits At Bay While You Travel

Komal Basith

One of the many things I’ve had to come to terms with when it comes to my acne-prone skin is that I’ll always be one bad move away from a breakout; didn’t wash my face right after the gym? Hello, forehead zit!

I’ve got to be extra careful now that summer’s here, especially since I’ve got a holiday coming up (hurrah!) and my skin tends to treat unfamiliar weather conditions in new environments with a fair bit of trepidation. This is why I love Murad’s Acne Complex Kit, which features five of the good doctor’s best acne-busting products in one handy, travel-sized, 30 day supply.

It’s gentle on my skin, doesn’t dry it out, and keeps everything under control, even when I’m subjecting my skin to everything from ultra-humid beaches (where the wipes are particularly handy) to dry airplane air on the regular. 

If you’re travelling, it’s a foolproof acne kit that won’t irritate your skin, even if you’re temporarily switching over from your regular routine; and if you find yourself sans holiday plans this summer, it’s a great way to introduce youself to Dr. Murad’s acne-busting product line.

As far as your skin’s concerned, it’s a win-win. Happy holidays! 


Murad Acne Complex Kit 30 Days, Rs. 3,692 2,988 with free international delivery, available at Beauty Bay.


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