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Kiehl's Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash

Komal Basith

When Kiehl’s announced the launch of their new Calendula Foaming Deep Cleansing Face Wash a couple of months ago, the beauty interwebs exploded in a flurry of excitement. An accompaniment to the brand’s cult marigold-infused Calendula Herbal Toner, the face wash posits itself as a one-size-fits-all product; a gentle, soothing, non-drying cleanser which works for every skin type, including even the most sensitive, and under all weather conditions.

Want to get your hands on some of your own deep cleansing goodness?

We’ve got the hookup – we teamed up with the lovely folks at Kiehl’s to give 500 Jossbox readers travel ready versions of the Calendula Foaming Deep Cleansing Face Wash! And because Kiehl's is awesome, they're also throwing in a personalized skincare consultation and an array of beauty goodies - all tailored to your skin type.


1. Head to your nearest Kiehl's store.

2. Show them this voucher on your phone. 

 3. Get your goodies!  


Meanwhile, curious about the face wash's claims, I decided to try it out and I also sent five bottles of it to women who live in cities with varying weather around the world so we couldreally put that part of the claim to the test.

Volunteers included models Smita Lasrado and Nidhi Sunil in Paris and Bombay, Motherland magazine editor Vandana Verma in New Delhi, artist Diya Ajit in Dubai and musician Vandana Jain in New York. We decided to test drive the cleanser for a week before writing in; first up are Vandana V, Vandana J and Smita with their findings, while Nidhi, Diya and I are reporting in to you next week. Exciting times!

Dear Jossbox,

"Face wash has always been troublesome for me. I have a fondness for all-natural products, which means that I'd probably be happiest cleansing with coconut oil, or fresh strawberries, or something similar, but a lifetime of living in sooty, dusty cities has helped me make peace with lather and foam, because city dirt is some serious stuff.

I hit my sweet spot with Dermalogica's Special Cleansing Gel; it cleans like the bejeebus and rinses off leaving not a smidge of residue, and while it can be a touch drying in winter, it's nothing an extra helping of moisturizer wont remedy. So I was, I'll admit, a little hesitant to go at my mug with anything new.

Still, the Kiehl's Foaming Deep Cleansing Face Wash wins several points over my beloved Dermalogica, thanks to the addition of natural citrus oils and moisturizing glycerin, a tendency to lather into a pleasingly rich foam, and the fact that its bottle looks way nicer on my bathroom shelf than the clinical Dermalogica one. Calming, cleansing, yes. Deliverer of squeaky-clean skin? Also yes. The apothecary-reminiscent bottle is just bonus."


Dear Jossbox, 

I have extremely sensitive skin and I’m allergic to the sun. Most products wreak havoc on my skin, and so I never deviate from my regular routine; having said that, the Kiehl’s Calendula face wash went on really softly and gently. My skin felt really clean after without any tightness, and it didn’t react at all! My skin does tend to get a little dry and my regular, non-foaming cleanser leaves a moisturising residue which I love so I'll stick to it, but I’m saving the Kiehl’s for days when I’d like a break or in case of an emergency. Considering how reactive I am to new products, this is a very good sign.”

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Hi Jossbox!

I was so excited to try the new Kiehl’s face wash because I really like the brand. Their products are super effective and I’m a huge fan of their simple, fuss-free packaging. I’m usually very sensitive to scents, and I find that the ones that Kiehl’s uses are normally quite mild; it was the same with this wash. It has such a soothing scent, it makes you feel like you just walked out of a spa. The first memory it brought back was of the Thalgo Spa in Paris, which I visit every once in a while.

The consistency is great, and a little goes a long way. I’d say my skin is more normal to dry and slightly sensitive, but this didn’t make me feel like my skin was tight or dry after washing, which most foaming cleansers do. It also left my face slightly brighter, which is great. My skin feels wonderful after using this and that smell takes you to a beautiful place, even if only for 30 seconds.”







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