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Kiehl's Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash, Pt. 2

Komal Basith

Great skin in any weather, regardless of your skin type - that's what the new Kiehl's Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash promises, but does it live up to those claims? We're all about beauty sleuthing here at Jossbox, so we got an editor, a musician and a model to try it out last week and reported back.

Finally, artist Diya Ajit, model Nidhi Sunil and I tried it out all of this week so we could write in with our findings. So is this the holy grail of all cleansers, the one cleanser that'll make you forget all the ones that came before? And more importantly, does it work on every skin type out there, and under all weather conditions - for real? Read on to find out!

But first, remember how we said Kiehl's offered to throw in a bunch of treats for Jossbox's readers? Have you been in to the store yet to score your free goodies? If not, there’s still time! 


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And now, on to the reviews.


"Dear Jossbox,

I've always been of the opinion that less is more when it comes to soap, facewash, wipes or whatever it is you use to get gunk off your face. I mean, I've rarely seen any difference in my skin in using a cleanser that claims to contain gold flecks vs dead sea mud, some rare algae or the tears of rose-cheeked babies.

However, as we talked about earlier, although I'm a hardened marketing snob, I'm still a total sucker for minimalist pharmaceutical-type packaging and so Kiehl's has always had pride of place in the neat row of shiny products lining my bathroom sink. I'll admit I was rather skeptical at first as I'm not one to experiment with my over-sensitive (read: borderline hysteria-inducing) facial skin.

But as my eyes caught the words 'sulfate free' and 'soap free' while scrutinizing the label, I have to admit I got pretty excited. Suds! Squeaky clean skin! Flowery stuff! The ever-elusive promise of being shine-free! Hurrah! Patting my skin dry after a good lather-up with the stuff, I did notice a slight tightness in my skin but a few drops of vitamin E oil with my regular sunscreen and moisturiser quickly nixed any dryness.

And so there you are, skin: cleansed, soft, and lemon scented skin. So while you can’t buy confidence or youth or inner peace (and if you could, it probably wouldn't be at the mall) you can buy a bottle of this stuff and feel pretty damn good about yourself, so it's got my vote."


"Hola Jossbox!

 You’ve got to love a product that does what it says on the tin. In this case, it was a cleanser that gently cleanses skin without drying it out, irritating it or causing a breakout, all of which, sadly, are reactions I’ve had to cleansers before. Good news on this end though; In the week since I’ve been using it my regular cleanser, the Avene Cleansing Foam, has been relegated to days when I wear makeup only. Now, most days find me reaching for the Calendula Foaming Deep Cleansing Face Wash in the morning, after the gym, and at the end of a long day.

It’s soothing, leaves your skin feeling soft and cared for, and even brightens it a teeny bit, which is more than I was expecting. I’m especially impressed by how little you really need; a tiny drop turns into a beautiful, gently cleansing foam.

Oh, and the scent is just heaven. I wish they’d turn it into a body wash – Kiehl’s, you listening?"


"Dear Jossbox,

I’ve been travelling a fair bit over the last week, hopping between Bangalore, Bombay and Jaipur, and I’ve taken the cleanser with me on my travels. I love how it smells – it isn’t too overpowering, and it isn’t in the least bit chemical, which I love. It delivers what it says it will; it’s a really clean, simple, foaming face wash.

I have combination skin and I tend to break out when I’m travelling, but I haven’t noticed any new breakouts this time. I’ve even stopped using my exfoliating face wash because I don’t feel like I need it, and I’m starting to think I don’t need one at all. I think all those beads are bad for my skin. I used to scrub with it on the sides of my nose and on my forehead in an attempt to get all the gunk out after a day in the city, but the cleanser gives me that same sense of a deep clean without being harsh.

I even used it the other day when I had a bit of makeup on, and it removed it! I wouldn’t recommend it for heavy duty waterproof mascara, but it’s great for removing a bit of light makeup without drying your skin out."






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