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Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque

Komal Basith

Have you heard of GlamGlow yet? It’s one of those face masks that’s chock full of exotic ingredients (volcanic ash from the South of France, bits of twig and leaf that you have to try really hard not to get in your nose), beloved by a roster of celebrities (Kristen Stewart, Natalie Portman, Miley Cyrus, Usher) and famous for its juiced up skin perfecting abilities (pore shrinking, skin brightening, skin tightening).

It's hard to find (it’s consistently been on my travel list for years) and you have to get through about 9 layers of Russian doll-style packaging until you get to the tiny jar, but it’s also very good - fifteen minutes with this stuff on is the equivalent of having someone vacuum your pores and buff your face with one of those diamond floor polishers.

Everyone needs a good going out face mask, one that’ll make your skin look like someone turned a light on inside of it, and this one’s mine.

Was mine - now I have the Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque, which I recently discovered at the new Kiehl's store in Bangalore’s Phoenix Market City (two doors down from Zara). It’s a bentonite and kaolin clay, aloe vera-based mask that works exactlylike GlamGlow. It’s tingles ever so slightly as you put it on and it smells comfortingly earthy, if there were such a thing. But best of all, it makes your skin look so good after! Your pores instantly look smaller, skin looks visibly brighter and it glows, like you’ve just been on a brisk walk. It's the perfect primer, too - any makeup you might wear after glides right on.

It’s my new favourite going out mask, and I don’t even have to schlep halfway around the world to get my hands on some. Not anymore, anyway. 



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