There’s Nothing Chicer Than Kim K’s ‘Nothing Shoe’ Right Now

Naaila Khan

If you’re the kind who makes shoe contact before eye contact – or even if you aren’t – you’ve probably noticed the transparent heels that Kim Kardashian seems to be wearing all the time these days.

Even little sister Kylie Jenner is ditching her favourite sneakers for these.


Heck, the entire Kardashian clan seems to be clamouring for these clear babies; as you can see, 4 out of 8 Kardashian-Jenner women picked them for Kris Jenner’s last birthday.

Meet the Yeezy Lucite Heel. They first made a splash at Yeezy Season 2 with a $595 price tag (that’s Rs. 39,588.65 if you do the math) and they’re now, uhm, clear winners on the shoe scene.

Basically stripper heels but super fashion forward, these ecru-toned transparent beauties are a whole new take on minimalist footwear – move over nude heels, looks like it’s time to get even more skin-ny.

And now, with the launch of Yeezy Season 4, the Lucite heel has branched into a highly anticipated range of different styles – mules, ankle straps, even crystal clear thigh highs with the nude sole – we can already see them flying off shelves come October 15th.


Let an excited Kim Kardashian give you a little tour herself:


By now, your feet are probably itching to get into these, but you're probably going, what do I wear them with? It’s not every day that we come across shoes that well, look like nothing. Maybe a good idea to take tips from the Yeezy queen herself!

She wears them with high waist pants while walking North to school hang with Anna Wintour (?)…

On little dresses with oversized coats, Monica Rose-style

On cropped tights or jumpsuits, which seems to be her favourite look considering how frequently she rocks it…

It’s safe to conclude that these modern-day Cinderella glass slippers are magic – they practically slay every look, no Fairy Godmother necessary.







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