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Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit – How To Get It, Use It And Rock It!


Ladies, when it comes to Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit, we’re at a slight disadvantage. Firstly, everything gets sold out faster than you can say ‘Lip Kit’; and secondly, it’s always available at some obscene hour of the night for us on this side of the pond. Sacrifice those few hours of precious beauty sleep? I think not! But, I got lucky. See, I have the sweetest boyfriend who knew how badly I wanted one. So he stayed up (a few extra midnight hours on his PlayStation) and snagged it – WIN!

Now here’s my secret weapon. Instagrammer Nadia (@NadiaIdder) is an ardent fan who puts up instant updates when the kits are going to be restocked on KylieCosmetics.com and tips to buy them. Once you have the time and date, you’re pretty much set. It costs about $44 (2900INR approx.) with the shipping charges, and you should get it about two weeks from the day you’ve ordered it. I got KourtK.

The kit comes with a lip liner and a liquid lipstick, but you already knew that. My first reaction when I applied the liner was, ‘Damn, this is smooth’. It glides on smoother than crayon, and the actual lipstick smells SO good. Drawback – it’s much darker than you think. I quite like the occasional oxblood shaded pout. This was more on the black side than purple, and I’m not sure how often you can get away with looking this Goth.

The lipstick is as matte as they say, but it does feel a bit dry once you have it on for a few hours. Nope, it doesn’t budge from your mouth, no matter what you eat. In fact, it took me a good five minutes to take it off properly.

What you need to remember is to go very light on the eyes when you’ve got such a bold shade on. Add some raccoon eyes and you might as well be Jenny Humphrey (Gossip Girl season 3, not season 1).

The great part about the kit is that it can multitask. I’m fully taking advantage of the dark color and using the lip liner as eyeliner, or to create a KourtK shade of smokey eye.

KylieCosmetics.com stocks eight shades of matte lipsticks, three lip glosses and three metallic lipsticks. She regularly updates the website and adds more shades to the list, so keep up!


Anushka Mulchandani



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