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Let’s Talk Crystals: 10 Gorgeous Gems For a Life Makeover

Naaila Khan

Are you a horoscope enthusiast? When you meet someone new, is “When’s your birthday?” among your first five questions? Well, you’re going to love the topic of crystals then. Beautifully mystical and deeply interesting, gems/crystals are known to have a long list of healing properties and symbolisms, are said to have considerable influence on your life and behavior and though not completely scientifically attested (it seems to us like a case of Dorothy’s shoes: it all comes down to belief in the end), you can’t deny they aren’t pretty!

Ahead, we scoured the world wide web to find you on-trend crystal accessories that are supposed to give you somewhat of a life makeover – but hey, even of they don’t, these buys are so gorgeous, they’re practically written in the stars.



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