Delicious Summer Makeup You Need Now

Meghana Rabindranath

MAC’s new Fruity Juicy range is loaded with summery goodness

What’s not to love about summer? Everything is brighter, more colourful and day drinking is socially acceptable. Since we can't go to the beach, Mac Cosmetics is taking full advantage of the weather and bringing everything tropical and beachy to us with the launch of the new Fruity Juicy makeup line.

Loaded with bright, bold and pigmented colours and packaged gorgeously, this is one range you’re going to be lining up for. At a recent event, MAC makeup artist Sonic Sarwate showed us how to play with bold colours and create stunning looks perfect to beat the heat or combat the dull monsoons and now we’re really keen for the launch of the Fruity Juicy collection. The summery products will available at Mac counters this July.

We tried a couple of products and here are some of our favourites


Lipstick in Calm Heat 

Rich, creamy and pigmented. Cause haven’t we had enough of matte yet? This dewy colour sits on your lips so well and lasts for ages even though it has a velvety texture. To be honest, this colour was a bit too light for my skin tone but the packaging is so pretty I can’t bring myself to give it away!


Matte Face Powder in Oh My Passion

Don’t fake that glow anymore because Mac has packaged it into this sleek gorgeous container. Mixed with a bronzer, blush and highlight you can carry this all in one winner anywhere and bring the glow to any summer gig. 


Eye shadow Palette in Fruit A La La

This was my favourite of the lot because of the versatile colours. Also, with sunset eyes being the latest beauty trend I got this palette right on time with bright pinks and oranges with highly pigmented glitter ahh! Going to be all twinkly-eyed this season thanks to Mac.


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