Makeup For When You’re Going to Be Photographed

Komal Basith

I really don’t like how I look in pictures – especially at night, when the flash turns me into a washed out mess, even when I know I made an effort with my makeup that evening. Is there anything I can do to look better in pictures? The reason I’m asking is because I feel like I have a camera thrust in my face every other night recently and for once, I’d like to look like a normal human being in my pictures.

Ah yes, flash face; I know it well. Here are a couple of things that work especially well when you know you’re going to have a camera pointed at you at some point during the day (or night).

 One: a good primer, one that will even out your skin, fill in and fine lines (especially around the forehead and nose) and give your foundation a nice base to stick to so it won’t slide off by the time your friends are whipping their lenses out. Try the Bare Minerals Prime Time, which is especially good at doing all of the above while also making your pores virtually vanish. For something closer to home, Revlon’s Photo Ready Color Correcting Primer, while not as heavy duty in the pore minimizing department, is still a great bet.

Next: add a teeny bit of bronzer to the mix. I know that bronzer looks kind of obvious in real life, but do you know why? Because it was made for camera! You don’t have 'sculpt' your face like Kim Kardashian to get it right; just brush a teeny bit under your jawline and around the edges of your nose and forehead. It’s a nice way to frame your face, and it does make a difference on screen.

Finally: and this is especially great if you find that the camera tends to eat your makeup, making it look like you’ve got nothing on – comes Urban Decay’s Makeup Setting Spray, which is the closest thing, makeup-wise, to magic in a bottle. This stuff is incredible. It’ll make your makeup look super fresh all day for hours and hours, like you only just applied it.

I hope this helps!


Can you recommend a conditioner that works for greasy roots and dry ends?

You don’t need a conditioner for greasy roots and dry ends – what you need is to stop washing your hair so much. It’s easy to think that the greasier your roots are the more often you need to shampoo, but all this is doing is drying your scalp out further and making it act out by producing more oil, while your ends get drier and drier from all the unnecessary washing.

Instead, get your hands on a good dry shampoo while you’re waiting until your next wash, which should ideally be in about 3-4 days. L’Oreal’s Fresh Dust Dry Shampoo does pretty much what it says on the tin, which is kill the grease of two day-old hair while adding volume. If you’re travelling in the near future or know of someone who is, Klorane’s Gentle Dry Shampoo is a great buy; it’ll practically vanish into your roots while making your hair super soft, smelling fresh and most importantly non-greasy, like you’ve just washed it.

Batiste also does a great range called Dry Shampoo; along with Klorane, they can be credited for making dry shampoos so popular in the first place. This one will leave a teeny bit of white residue in your hair, so remember to brush it well into your roots before heading out!

I tried a new hairstylist out last week, but I really hate how my hair looks now. I want to go back and ask him to fix it, but I don't really want to pay for another cut, either. What's the general policy on this? 

That’s an iffy one; I’ve had incidents when I haven’t been entirely happy with certain aspects of a new cut and I’ve gone back to my stylist who snipped away at it until I was, gratis; but that’s because it’s just as important to him as it is to me that I’m happy with my hair. It really depends on where you go.

What I will say is that the longer you wait, the less likely it is that your salon will give you a do over on the house, so the earlier you go in and let them know you’re not happy, the better. It helps to be polite, speak to the manager, explain the situation (be especially clear if your stylist gave you something that’s quite different from what you asked for), and ask if maybe there’s someone else who might be able to work on your hair. Good luck!


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Image by Aneev Rao for Maxim February 2013.


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