Maybelline Volum’Express Falsies Mascara

Komal Basith

As far as mascara goes, I’ve always stayed away from the ones that claim to give you lashes so long and bountiful that they look false, largely thanks to a predilection for makeup that does a decent job of not looking too ostentatiously like, you know, makeup.

In the mascara department, I've previously relied on Dior’s famous Diorshow Mascara and Rimmel’s Glam Eyes, which I raved about here, to give me what I hoped were believably enhanced lashes; but I’ve always been a weird packer – I once packed sixteen pairs of socks and no jeans for a trip to America, for example. I have a point and I’m getting to it, in that recently while packing for New Year’s Eve in Thailand, I forgot to include mascara (but packed eight different kinds of lip gloss).

And so it was that I found myself at the 7 Eleven down the road from my hotel on my first day in Thailand, throwing down three packets of dried seaweed, two bottles of a yogurt-coconut water concoction called Mogu Mogu (complete with coconut chunks otherwise known as nata de coco – now you know!) and a tube of Maybelline’s Volum’Express Falsies mascara at the checkout.

Now if you’re going to test out new mascara, there’s no better place to do it than in the heart of South East Asia where it’s so blazingly hot that ‘after sunburn massages’ are a legitimate thing and so humid that every bottle of beer is served in its own padded holder so that your hand doesn't slip and unwittingly cause mayhem in the time between grasping your bottle and raising it to your lips.

It was in these tropical climes that my new mascara and I became acquainted – nay, fell in love. For not only did it give me the added length I so desired, it also plumped each lash up so that over the next few days I found myself ordering my mojitos from under a thick, long fringe of lashes that never wilted once, regardless of when I was doing the ordering – in the morning, after lunch, before dinner... (I was on holiday.)

The takeaway? This stuff stays on regardless of how warm it is, how sweaty you get, or how many poolside mojitos you order. Does it make you look like you’re actually wearing a false set of eyelashes? Thankfully, no. They don’t make you look like you woke up like this either but really, with lashes so thick, so doe-like and so all-round bodacious, who cares?



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