New Brand Alert: SOVA

Komal Basith

If you know me at all you’ll know that I’m a sucker for great packaging, especially when it comes to beauty products – I have been known to buy eyeshadow palettes that don’t even have shades I like that much just because I loved the packaging, and it’s why I’ll probably end up buying the entire Jeremy Scott x M.A.C. collection once it drops because have you seen what the packaging looks like? It’s a 90s kid’s dream come true.

But I digress – this is about SOVA, a brand spanking new beauty brand conceptualized by aunt-niece duo Vasu and Sneha, who tapped into the expertise of their family background in pharmaceuticals (via behemoth Lyka Labs and Millennium Herbal Care) to form the latest homegrown tradition-meets-tech beauty company.

The result is a gorgeous range of products for bath, body and hair that leans heavily on the latter, and with great results – their hair care products are some of the best I’ve tried in the recent past, with the Yava & Rosemary mask in particular quickly becoming a firm favourite. (It’s also replaced my favourite Kerastase deep conditioning mask, and that’s saying something.)

The brand doesn’t segregate it’s products by hair type or need which is smart, in a way – all the products are designed to leave your hair looking and feeling better than it did before use, regardless of whether your hair is curly, straight, dry, wavy or colour treated; although having said that, there is the Sova Jatamansi Root & Indian Rose shampoo designed specifically for treated hair, but it works just as well if you hair just needs a bit of extra love, too.

I’ve tried everything that’s in their current Bridal Gift Box, which features shampoos, body washes, serums, hair oils and the aforementioned hair mask among others  – and I’ve loved all of it. You can shop the range on Nykaa or on their own website. Enjoy!


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