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All The Times North West Was Fashion Goals

Meghana Rabindranath

It ain't easy being the daughter of Yeezy

Today, we're honoring the littlest West on her 4th birthday. While we realize that this is not a regular 4-year old that we’re talking about being the daughter of two massive fashion icons, which can lead to more attention on the playground. We're floored by that personal style only because it's beyond cool for any age group.

Whether it’s the influence of her parents, bribes (lollipops are what Kim claims to use as bait to get North to wear something at times) or personal choice, this little girl has won us over with her cuteness and impeccable taste in all things fashion.

Here are some of the iconic times North West was cooler than all of us.

When fur was her BFF


When jackets were her jam


When her future so bright, she needed shades


When she made slip dresses cute again


When she wasn’t afraid to shine bright like the North Star


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