Onward and Upward with M.A.C.’s New Upward Lash

Komal Basith

Beauty is in an interesting place at the moment; a barefaced, no-makeup look is just as popular as the Kardashian-inspired one, complete with precise, deftly contoured features that take hours of YouTube tutorials to perfect. This is true as far as your eyelashes go, too; fashion had a bit of a love affair with the whole no-mascara look recently, which inspired several women to throw the stuff out in a bid to look as au naturel as possible - on the other hand, sales of false lashes have never been better.

Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, I’m pretty sure you’ll love M.A.C.’s latest, the Upward Lash – for everyday use if you’re a no-makeup makeup kind of girl or, if you’re usually partial to a full face, for days when you’re feeling low key.

When it comes to mascara, it’s usually all in the brush – the ones that claim to build volume have thicker, denser brushes, while the ones that promise the doe-eyed lashes of your dreams feature, in addition to lengthening polymers, a more comb-like brush to really allow separation and enhancement.

Upward Lash’s brush is neither – instead, it’s a little nub of a brush, which can take a little getting used to. Once you’ve got the hang of it, however, it’ll give you these lovely, glossy lashes that look ever so slightly ‘done’ without looking fake. It’ll also give you a bit of volume, although nothing that will, say, show up in pictures – but that’s not what this mascara is for. It’s for days when you want to look like you, only better.

The best bit, the part that really sold me, is how easy this stuff is to get off at the end of the day – a standard issue cleanser, eye makeup remover, or cleansing oil will do the trick; the mascara glides right off without leaving a trace – none of that awful panda eye. Great results, no fuss – what's not to love?


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