The Coolest Beauty Looks From The Paris Fashion Week Spring 2018 Runways

Devanshi Kapadia

Ponytail wraps to draped blush, PFW weaves an unconventional beauty story


Fashion month comes to an end with Paris Fashion Week! Here are some looks you absolutely have to see (or try). With unconventional beauty taking center stage over the past few years, PFW leads the pack. Pat McGrath, Peter Philips, and other beauty moguls celebrate inclusivity and encourage us to play with our faces, as a canvas. 

Here are some of our favourite looks!




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Lanvin models wore their hair wrapped in ribbons, in a low ponytail down their back. It’s a look that’s do-able and easy. On a bare face, models flaunted straw-line liner, going outwards from their crease. There’s always going to be a thousand new things you can do with liner if only we could think out of the box!


Maison Margiela



Pat McGrath used fuchsia lipstick from her own line to create this lip art. She painted the entire lip, leaving a line in the center bare. The glossy, combed out brows complimented the wet hair look, created by Eugene Souleiman.


Dries Van Noten



Head makeup artist, Peter Philips, bedazzled the models on this runway! Looks like we’re welcoming Spring with a whole lot of crystals next year. Some wore them on the lips, other on their hair, and a few on the eyes.





Makeup artists played with the graphic liner trend by creating an almost UFO shape around the model’s eyes. It’s like a graphic, cat liner with major negative space. The rest of the face was kept bare.




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We’ve seen this on a lot of runways this year. Most recently, on Manish Arora’s models. Say bye-bye to contouring, it’s going to be all about blush this Spring / Summer. Models had loads of blush draped onto their cheekbones, around their eyes. They wore this with wavy, undone hair.




Low ponytails and a super bold makeup look dominated Chanel’s runway, once again. Everything from the brows to the eyes and the lips was exaggerated and big. If some shows were minimalist, others were about craziness! Whatever your style, own it!


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