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Printing Your Favourite Instagrams Since 1908

Komal Basith

Throwback Thursday, you guys! Remember photo albums? Up until the early noughties before Facebook and hard disk drives came along, they were the sole repository of everything that was good about childhood – that picture of you at four with your underwear on your head (#lol #innocence), every single holiday with the family, maybe even a sulky early high school pic or two.

I can’t remember the last time I slipped actual photographs into album sleeves – most of the pictures I take now, especially the ones on my phone, are unfailingly doomed to the dark annals of my cellphone, forever.

While this has its benefits – what’s more fun than stumbling across pictures from a random night two years ago? – it also means that some of my finest Instagram moments (which are also some of my happiest, or most memorable) are quickly forgotten as my newsfeed gets crowded with everyone else’s finest moments.

And so it is that every time I make one of these trips down short-term memory lane I tell myself that one of these weekends I’ll finally get around to printing and framing my pictures. I mean to do it; I have an entire Pinterest folder dedicated to rows of elegantly arranged picture frames that says I’ll do it, but when it comes to actually heading down to my local photo shop and printing everything out? Finding the time just seems soo haard.

All first world problems must inevitably have equal and corresponding first world solutions, and mine found itself in Snap2Door, a photo-printing app that – get this – lets you order prints right from your phone. Your phone!

Here’s how it works – you download the app, then select your photographs from your phone’s camera roll, Instagram, Dropbox, Picasa (lol) or Facebook.

The app suggests the optimum size for print, although you’re free to choose your own, anywhere from 2x2 to 8x12. Select your delivery address and about four days later, you’ll get an envelope in the mail with your pictures – in real life and living colour!

The only little annoyance is that the Instagram photos are usually printed on 6x8 sheets and have a border on account of their square sizes, though it’s nothing your local framer can’t deal with.

Speaking of whom; you then take your images to the framers’, pick your frames, and before you know it you have a Pinterest-worthy TV wall of your own! Which you can then Insta, then print, then frame – so meta.

Things that can be printed with the app:

- Holiday photographs

- Family portraits

- Pictures of your dog

- Your favourite illustrations – inspired, in part, by my visit to makeup guru Lisa Eldridge’s home

- Pretty much anything you want. 

Voulez-vous print-ez avec moi? Get the app here.


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