Saving Face This Summer: Facial Mists

Naaila Khan

We’ve said this a bunch of times before – we’re all about beauty products that multitask. Pass us an overachieving BB cream or a super oil, and we’ll gladly lap it up. If you share the same sentiment, you’re going to love yourself a good facial mist – a bottle of hydrosol and happiness you should stash in your bag right now (or yesterday). With all its calming, refreshing and hydrating powers, it’s a pity it’s only given so much credit for policing migrating midday makeup. And though shunned as basically just water, you might want to review all that this beauty lifesaver is capable of. This crop of new and improved facial sprays boast of actual skin benefits like antioxidants, healing extracts, vitamin boosts and nourishing properties; there’s really one for everyone.

A few sprays post shower to say hello to your pores, a quick pick-me-up for a greasy midday face, or to wake up lackluster skin at any time of the day, a facial mist is just the instant boost your visage needs this sweltering summer. So without further ado, here’s presenting you the best of the bunch. Remember, a fresh face is literally just a spritz away.

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