Sensitive Skin? Cleansing Grains Are Just The Thing For You

Naaila Khan

Beauty, like fashion, is a funny thing. One day you have unicorn hair and oxygen-infused skincare trending on your radar, and the next, a newfound love for the metallic eye from the 70s. While trends last a hot minute and disappear before you can say ‘glitter roots’, there are some eternal beauty failsafes that we believe in like our mothers do. Case in point: powdered blends for your skin. Whether the fabled rice flour from the dressers of geishas, Fuller’s earth from your grandmother’s kitchen, or just plain old talcum, the stuff manages to stick around (pun intended) by way of newer, revamped versions.

This time around, it’s powder cleansers/cleansing grains that are going to amp up your boring old cleansing routine – especially considering plastic microbeads are officially on their way out. What are cleansing grains? Exactly what they imply – they’re typically made of natural ingredients like oats, nuts, seeds, herbs, seaweed or clay powder that mix with water to form a muddy, sometimes sudsy concoction that doubles up as a cleanser and a gentle daily exfoliator – and a mask depending on how long you keep it on! Why we love it? Because we don’t know about you, but a regular cleanser just doesn’t feel like it has effectively sloughed off dead skin and sucked out all the city grime from our skin, however creamy or delightfully foaming it is.

Cleansing grains are also great because when in powder form, there’s no need for all those preservatives, detergents and alcohol to keep the product alive. And contrary to what it might seem like, their fine granular texture makes them exfoliating instead of abrasive. Best part though? You can regulate the consistency of your concoction by balancing the amount of water you mix it with, depending on your skin sensitivity. Plus, science experiment appeal.

Here are some super powder cleansing options you’ll love – get on it!

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