The Street-Style Guide To Help You Rock Your Slides

Anushka Mulchandani

Because you’re bound to add a pair or two to your wardrobe

Of all the footwear trends you’re seeing around today, slides have got to be the hottest one in town. And it’s not something you haven’t found on the streets before. Sure they’re more commonly spotted at home, but taking them out is the next big thing and pretty much everyone has been doing it.

Of course Rihanna’s Fenty line with Puma had a lot to do with the rise of slides, but street-style stars have been wearing them even before the pop princess’s pink bow pair hit the market.

Since it’s a trend you’re bound to incorporate into your wardrobe, incase you haven’t already, we’re giving you a street style guide to really wearing them well.

The fact of the matter is slides give off a very casual vibe. Wearing them with track pants or shorts seems to be the only way to go. But we’re quite into wearing joggers to party in these days so why not add on a pair of comfy slides too?

Of course they’re your go-to shoes when you’re running errands or even sometimes to work (if the dress code is casual). But add on an embroidered jacket to your jeans, tee and slides combo and what you’re left with is the perfect lunch date outfit!

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If you still feel like it’s too casual, how about focusing on the accessories? Match your slides to a statement handbag or some chunky jewelry. The symmetry will make it appear more formal.

They’re definitely a must-have while you’re on vacation. A flowing dress and embroidered slides to match adds to that laidback but still stylish-as-hell vibe.

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Remember that these are the kind of footwear you can really experiment with. They’re already cool just by themselves. But add a dress with trousers and wild hair and you’ve got something really unique on your hands (or feet).

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That said wearing them formally with your statement jewelry and ankle-length skirt isn’t unheard of. While they’ll still be a big NO at a cocktail do, there’s no harm in wearing them to meetings, dinners and everything in between.


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