Stylist Nikhil Mansata


On fashion clichés and his favourite music of the moment.

What’s your career trajectory been like so far?

I went to fashion school at Istituto Marangoni in London, after which I worked at Conde Nast in the UK, although it was for Vogue Russia. I joined Vogue India in Mumbai soon after, and a couple of years ago I ventured out as a freelance stylist. I love communicating through imagery, and the idea that no words are necessary.

Are there any fashion clichés that annoy you?
The idea of event-appropriate outfits. I don’t subscribe to that notion; it really all depends on who you are.

Which labels are you currently loving?

There’s a store called Mouki Mou in London that I love – also, if you’re ever in London or Berlin, check out my friend Alex Eagle’s new stores in London and Berlin.

Do you think the way women approach fashion has changed over the last few years?
Not really. Even today, some women dress for other women, others dress for the men in their lives, and some simply dress for themselves. That’s how it has always been.

Have you been anywhere interesting lately?
I went to the Amanpuri in Phuket, which I recommend; it’s beautiful there because there is a real balance between heritage, tradition and contemporary design.

Three tunes you're loving at the moment:

King by Years and Years, a great British electronica band that mixes rnb and 90s house.

All For You by Janet Jackson. Feel good pop reminds me of my childhood.

Where Do You Go To My Lovely by Peter Sarstedt. It's this great, classic tune about a
girl named Marie Claire growing up in poverty-stricken Naples.


Photographed by Shovona Karmakar.



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