Summer Hydration 101

Naaila Khan

It’s funny when you recognize what a contradictory world we live in; where we post Instagram pictures while hashtagging them #digitaldetox; a world where everyone is in a hurry but no one reaches on time. Thankfully, some things are still pretty straightforward. Like how it’s summer and we totally need to hydrate! And trust us, it’s super simple – no sweat (did we say contradictions?).

The best way to keep yourself cool this sweltering season, aside from chugging liquids of course, is to target the cause from inside and out. To nail the internal hydration part, allow us to suggest a fun, easy summer recipe that looks as good as it tastes – Watermelon and Feta Cheese Salad. Watermelon appears to be right up there in everyone’s favourite summer fruits list; it works just as well in a salad as it does in a cocktail/mocktail, and the feta cheese complements it to create a burst of sweet and salty flavor.

Chop up watermelon into bite-sized chunks (7 cups of this), and gently toss it with about 100 grams of crumbled feta cheese (though the proportions really depend on your taste); add a splash of rice vinegar for some added sourness. Finish off with a sprinkle of salt and pepper, and a bunch of coarsely chopped mint leaves for an interesting twist.

You can even toothpick a wedge of watermelon with a chunk of feta and serve the sticks on a summery platter, with some refreshing lemonade on the side. Conjures up images of a light, happy brunch, doesn’t it?

Our go-to skin expert, Dr. Mukta Sachdev also suggests wearing a hat and stocking up on reenergizing drinks. “Since the skin tends to get really zapped in this heat, a Vitamin C drink really helps. I don’t mean Red Bull, but a replenishing electrolyte. Of course, nothing beats good old-fashioned water though!” Agreed. Who needs those extra calories, anyway?

As for your skin, she suggests ditching the heavy butters and switching to emulsions and lotions for both face and body. “These are very light and hydrating without leaving you feeling greasy. Moisturise 2-3 times a day, and after every time you wash your face.”

Using sunscreen of course, is a no-brainer. “Spray and gel-based sunscreens are easy to use not only on the face but also arms and feet if you don’t want to get tanned; also, don’t forget about the neck.”

“Facial water sprays are a boon in this heat; give your face a spritz any time during the day, to soothe and freshen your skin. Keep your makeup simple and avoid products with too much fragrance,” she advises.

Here are a bunch of products she recommends, along with some of our favourites, which you need in your life right now.


AVÈNE Rebalancing Emulsion

Rs. 1,200, available at The Skin Store.

PHYSIOGEL Hypoallergenic A.I. Lotion

Rs. 340, available at The Skin Store.

SEBAMED Anti Dry Hydrating Body Lotion

Rs. 900, available at The Skin Store.


Body Washes

NEUTROGENA Rainbath Refreshing Shower and Bath Gel

Rs. 349, available at Nykaa.

NATIO Spa Pep Up Body Cleanser

Rs. 608, available at Nykaa.

ORGANIX Hydrating Tea Tree Peppermint Body Wash

Rs. 675, available at Nykaa.


Facial Sprays

AVÈNE Thermal Spring Water Spray

Rs. 1,090, available at The Skin Store.

EVIAN Mineral Water Spray

Rs. 2,701, available at Snapdeal.


Sunscreen/ After Sun Gel

BANANA BOAT Sport Cool Zone Sunscreen Spray

Rs. 960, available at Amazon.in.

SUN BUM Cool Down Hydrating Gel

Rs. 1,497, available at Amazon.in.


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