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Take Your Mum to the Spa on Mother’s Day

Komal Basith

If the barrage of emails prompting you to buy something for your mum hasn’t already tipped you off, Mother’s Day is around the corner! I’m all about being nice to my mum all year round, (I know you’re reading this mom!) but this year, the day falls on a Sunday. I recommend scoring extra brownie points showing your mother how much you love her by getting her a gift you can both appreciate together – a day at the spa! Besides, if your mum is anything like mine I bet she’s always saying how seeing you happy makes her happy, and what better way to ensure mutual happiness than while getting pedicures and massages while talking about your dad’s growing list of eccentricities?

As far as choices go, you can’t really go wrong with the Jiva Spa – they’re the in-house spa of the Taj Hotels and offer a uniformly fantastic experience regardless of which one you visit. I’m particularly fond of the Jiva Grande at the West End in Bangalore – it’s spread out over 7,500 lush square feet and features enough greenery and old timey colonial-era architecture to make you forget where you are, both in terms of time and space. Everything on the menu, which is standard across all Jiva spas, is worth trying, but here’s what really stands out:

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There you go – between the three treatments above, you’ve got an entire day of pampering with your mother covered. Happy Mother’s Day!


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