The Easiest Way to Wear False Eyelashes

Komal Basith

What’s the easiest way to pep up your lewk? Pop on a pair of falsies! I’m talking about lashes; the kind that come in strips, attach to your natural lash line with a bit of glue, and have the power to take you from “I just got out of bed” to “Come into my boudoir” in about three minutes, depending on your skill with synthetic fibres, skin-friendly glue and a pair of tweezers.

So efficient are they at making your eyes look bigger and your lashes more bodacious – think of them as mascara on speed – that an editor friend of mine never leaves the house without hers, not even to buy cigarettes.

Which sounds a bit nuts, even to me - insant glamification aside, have you tried putting one of these things on? You only get one shot – squeeze the glue onto the falsies and, with the precision of a rice grain painter, place them – perfectly! – just  above the lash line, or end up with a fringe across your eyelid that’s about two inches higher than it is meant to be, like a hairy renegade caterpillar that is trying to make a hasty escape in the general direction of your eyebrow.

It is not good.

I said as much to my friend, who then proceeded to cement our friendship by giving me the secret to being a functioning false lash addict, which I am now about to disclose to you.  It is one of those things which, like many solutions to life’s greatest problems, is is so obvious, so ingeniously simple, that you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it before.

But more importantly, it’s a fool proof way to wearing false lashes without any of the fuss.

Are you ready?

Step 1: Apply a thin line of lash glue (she uses Ardell, like Charlotte Tilbury and pretty much every other makeup artist in the know) along your natural lash line, instead of directly on the false lashes. For best results, she recommends squeezing a bit onto a flat eyeshadow brush like this one here and drawing the line on as you would liquid eyeliner.

Step 2: Pick up your falsies between your index and thumb fingers (or, if you’re willing to trade risk for precision, a pair of Tweezermans).  Place them on the thin line of eyelash glue just above your lash line.

Step 3: Apply mascara to seamlessly blend the two.

Step 4: You’re done! Go out and be awesome.

You’re welcome!




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