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The Holiday Party Look: Easiest Smokey Eyes Ever

Mamta Mody

It’s part 3 of our 5 part series of easy peasy glamorous holiday makeup looks with supermodel of the moment Nidhi Sunil, and today we’re talking about that most classic of all makeup classics, the smokey eye.


Smokey eyes get a bit of a bad rap. Women find them intimidating to execute – “the look can be quite overpowering and it usually never ends up looking like it does in the magazines in real life,” says Nidhi – while men aren’t always sure what to make of them. “Some of my male friends call them raccoon eye.” But Nidhi’s perfected a 2-step, 3-product method for super glamorous smokey eyes that look like they took way more effort than they really did – and never resemble raccoon eyes.



We’re using Maybelline’s Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in Black for our base, Revlon’s adorable new ColorStay Shadow Links Eyeshadow in Gun Metal to add depth, and Bobbi Brown’s Lipgloss in Pink Sorbet on the lips, although we found a great alternative in L’Oreal’s Glam Shine Lipgloss in Always Pink, too.




Start by dabbing the eyeliner all over your eyelid using the brush that comes with the product. Don’t worry about being perfect – just remember to make sure you’re getting it close to your lash line. With your finger, start blending it to a little bit above your natural crease. You’ve got to blend super quick because once the eyeliner dries up it won’t budge. Then etch a line along the lower lashes and blend.




“Remember that all smokey eyes go from light to dark from the innermost corner of your eye to the outer V,” says Nidhi. With this in mind, focus on applying the grey eyeshadow to the outermost corner of the eyes while blending it into the whole crease. The shimmery metallic shadow catches the light, which is important because it keeps them from looking sunken in or giving you that raccoon look Nidhi talked about earlier.



Next, go over the liner on the lower lashes with the eye shadow. Remember how you worked the gold shadow into the inner corners of the eyes in the shimmery look? Similarly, add a little extra to the tear ducts for an added subtle highlight.




With subtlety being the buzzword for the party season, balance the eyes out with a subtle pink gloss. “Alternatively, if I’m doing a smokey eye I sometimes use a dark brown liquid foundation on my lips instead of a nude lipstick, and layer it with lip tint for a bit of colour,” says Nidhi.


And there you have it! Who’d have guessed a look this smouldering took less than 15 minutes to put together?

Tune in tomorrow as we strip down to make-up basics for glowing party-ready skin.

Photographed by Manasi Sawant.


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