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The Weekend Roundup


Are those patriotic spirits on an all time high? Well, either way, the weekend’s here and nothing can stop us! Here’s some cool stuff you might’ve missed out on; read up!


* How many of you can say they know where to get Jewish-Japanese food in Brooklyn? New York-based Pakistani journalist and filmmaker Fazeelat Aslam does! She spoke to us about her illustrious career and what it means to be Pakistani today: here.

* Want a legit facial in the comfort of your home, without having to cough up a cent? Virtual facials/ASMR are the new thing you have to know about!

* Forget warring with the makeup brushes only to end up with a black eye. All you need for this super easy glossy smokey eye is a kohl pencil and one other thing. Find out!

* Grown up thinking Lacto Calamine was pretty much a cure-all? It might not necessarily be so! Read this the next time you use it on a rash.

* Fairytale fan? Who isn’t? Head over to The Cut to see “The Seven Ages of Woman”, a grown-up version of the fairytale with hyperreal illustrations so beautiful and charming, we promise they’ll make your weekend.

* Let's celebrate the power of the modern Indian woman this week with Kiran Gandhi - the woman who ran 26 miles - on her period! She tells us all about it over at Dazed.

Happy Independence Day in advance, folks!


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