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The Weekend Roundup


The weekend's almost here! Here's our round up of the best stories you may have missed.

* From why they happen to dermatologist-approved solutions: we’ve got the ultimate guide to stretch marks!

* Summer’s finally here! Here’s some advice for getting rid of those stubborn bumps on your arms and legs.

* Always dreamed of opening your own restaurant? You’ll want to read this interview with Chinita’s Candice Lock Mirchandani.

* Read about how Su-Man Hsu became Freida Pinto’s facialist, taught Juliette Binoche how to dance, and make her way to London from a tiny village in China.

* Put this on your shopping list: 20 cult beauty products that deserve the status.

* Also: have you seen Prada’s new Wes Anderson-esque video yet? Watch the first one below, then head over to Style.com to watch their exclusive stream of the rest.



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