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The Weekend Roundup

Naaila Khan

The weekend’s here! Read up on all you missed before you get turnt up!

*Planning on honing your makeup skills? These are the only four makeup brushes you’re going to need! Plus, how to multitask with each one.

*In search of a cheery perfume to take things from drab to fab? We’ve got spring’s best fragrances for you.

*The weather’s been acting up lately, and you never know when you’re going to get caught in a drench. Get through the rains with these essentials.

*We spoke to the country’s top three dermats to figure out a simple and effective night regimen for your skin. See what they said here.

*We’re currently reveling in a 70s fashion throwback, and fringe is on our mind! So we went street style spotting the trim, and came up with some super style inspo for you.

*Who placed their bets on Gigi Hadid being cut out for the silver screen? Claim your stakes, because here she is in a brand new Sebastian Faena short film for V Magazine, looking gorgeous as she nails the dead-eyed beauty look of “Those Wrecked By Success”.



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