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These Apps Will Change the Way You Use Your Phone


Granted, there are drawbacks to living in the Internet age (like constant Game of Thronesspoilers in your newsfeed), but the benefits far outweigh the negatives, especially when it comes to apps, of which there are literally hundreds launched everyday, which makes us a bit spoilt for choice. There are only a few, however, that are really worth the real estate on your phone; and so we’ve separated the wheat from the (virtual) chaff for you with these five sleek, savvy, easy-to-use apps that’ll make your life so much easier.

1/6 HEALTH / Livestrong MyPlate

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 Like a virtual nutritionist, Livestrong’s fitness app quickly and easily tracks your daily nutrition and workouts, so you always know where you are on your fitness journey. Easy-to-use graphs and progress trackers and thousands of food options make this one of the best all-round fitness apps out there.

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And because healthy eating is more than just counting calories, MyPlate also creates a custom MyPlate food plan to tell you whether you need to, say, load up on veggies and fewer empty calories, making achieving your long term goals that much easier.

2/6 BEAUTY / Plum Perfect

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Using this app is as simple as taking a selfie and having a beauty expert show you what looks great on you based on your skin, hair, and eye shade. It helps you find your Color Signature in seconds and then helps you discover your best makeup products. 

All you have to do is create looks for yourself by browsing products that suit you, zeroing in on the best ones, and saving your favourites to a wishlist so you can stock up on your next shopping trip.

3/6 STYLE / The Hunt

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The Hunt is basically Pinterest on roids. You curate boards of all the stuff you want to buy, post it, and like-minded style crazies will point you to sites you can shop them from.

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You can also follow what’s currently trending and hashtag your way to some really cool stuff – except instead of being pinned to a virtual board, it’ll actually materialize into the perfect outfit.

4/6 FITNESS / Nike Training Club

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Nike wants to be your personal trainer so you never have to ditch your workouts even if you’re forced to skip gym. It does this by offering to walk you through (pun intended) over a hundred workouts by Nike Master Trainers so you can train with your virtual crew at the tap of a screen.


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All you have to do is create your Nike+ profile, add friends to build a motivating crew, and train anywhere, anytime, together – although the app works just as well solo. And that’s how your last excuse to miss a workout just flew out the window.

5/6 MUSIC / The Best Song

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This is easily the most fun way to discover new music without having to go through the whole ordeal of YouTube-ing your favourite charts to decide whether you like a song enough to download it.

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Just like how you’d swipe left/right on Tinder, you can select an artist, a genre, or a playlist to listen to 30-second grabs of each song, and then begin swiping: ‘heart’-ing the ones you like and swiping left to move on to the next one. Create playlists, share songs on Facebook or mail it to a friend so they can give your cool tunes a listen too.

6/6 PHOTOGRAPHY / Studio Design

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The first social design platform, Studio Design lets you create your own designs using images you’ve clicked, post them on an Instagram-like profile if you like, and browse and remix/edit photographic designs done by other users.


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Get creative – unleash your inner 21st century Picasso and proudly display your designs for all to see!



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