This Works: Tangle Teezer

Komal Basith

Maybe this is just my journey so you know, not to make any sweeping statements or anything, but is it just me or does it sometimes feel like it’s the small things that can  really break you? Like spending hours on a presentation only to have your laptop hang on you but you pull it together because you know, Power Point is fun! Let’s do this!

But then you head to the coffee shop and they’re out of your favourite muffin and suddenly life is miserable because that muffin was everything and now you have nothing.

Also high on this list of excruciating first world problems? The disaster that is the hair tangle that breeds with other hair tangles to form a baby dreadlock. Dog pooped on the carpet? Ain’t no thing. Can’t get a brush through your hair? Cue rapid, extreme frustration-induced heartbeat and fleeting images of grabbing an electric razor and shaving it all off once and for all because with hair like this, who needs enemies?

There is a solution, and it comes to us all the way from England, home of Heinz beans, Kate Middleton and now, the Tangle Teezer – a multihued, beetle-shaped brush that looks like something you could’ve used to brush out your My Little Pony’s mane but works instead to render yours smooth, tangle-free, and shiny.

Seriously though, this brush does not horse around. (See what I did there?) It eases out pretty much any hair knot, tangle or even baby dread that comes its way without yanking your hair out, and works beautifully on all hair textures - curly, wavy, thick, fine and straight. 

How? By using various bristle lengths to (painlessly!) attack hair tangles from every angle, keeping them ultra soft and bendy so they don’t snag through difficult knots of hair and also,magic. This brush has cut my prep time in the morning by almost half and saved my sanity with it, which makes it fall squarely in the grab if your house in on fire category. 

Because I mean, just because your life's a mess doesn't mean your hair needs to be one too.






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