Why Don't You: Wear Pink Lips On Valentine's?

Komal Basith

Who cares about defying stereotypes with shades this yummy?

Sure, pink for Valentine’s is hardly the most revolutionary idea in the world, but M.A.C. has put together a limited edition Valentine’s Day box in collaboration with Global Senior Artist Sonic Sarwate and it’s so gorgeous it’s hard not to give in.

Featuring M.A.C.’s Lip Conditioner, Lip Pencil in Candy Yum Yum and Pink Pigeon Lipstick, it’s pretty much all you need for a last-all-day look that feels both apropos to work and to an after work dinner date situation (as I try to demonstrate below).

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It’s also super low maintenance – M.A.C. recommends adding just add a bit of bronzer and tons of mascara for lashes that last for days and you’re good to go!

The box is available at Select City Walk Mall in Saket in New Delhi and all products are available online at Nykaa, so get shopping!


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