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Vandana Verma: Smoothie Operator

Komal Basith

"Dear Jossbox,

My mum taught me well, because I am a breakfast evangelist. I’ve never been a coffee drinker, and with the weather heating up, my standard cup of spiced rooibos chai isn’t hitting the spot any longer, so I’m all juiced up for my latest acquisition: a juicer-blender.

When I’m writing about food a lot, sometimes lunch and dinner are both meals out, so the morning is a welcome hiatus from all things lardy.

I haven’t quite cemented my status as blender queen just yet, but one of my favourites (so far) is a simple summer cooler that blends fresh strawberry, tart green apple, handfuls of green grape, a few sprigs of mint leaves and lots of lime juice, to up the zest. That one keeps me going til lunch.

If it’s been a heavy couple of days of eating, I’ll go green, chucking together lots of cucumber, celery, some green apple (to add some sweetness), and my favourite mint-and-lime. There is nothing in this world that isn’t bettered with a generous squeeze of lime, in my opinion.

With mango season now underway, I’m going to give this recipe a go, that calls for fresh mango, coconut water, passion fruit and honey.

My trysts with the blender aren’t always quite so virtuous: blend and strain litchi and pineapple, chuck the juice back in the blender with lots of ice and plenty of gin and you have yourself a smashing summer drink. To really tip it over the edge, muddle in some lemongrass. Yum.




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