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Varun Rana's Favourite Shows From Milan Fashion Week

Komal Basith

Harper’s Bazaar’s Fashion Features Director picks his Italian favourites from Fall 2015.

"We’re in a strange place in fashion. We’re already 15 years into the new millennium but still, every season fashion returns to a decade from the 20th Century.

Information wasn’t easy to come by back then; it took time for the Paris fashions to trickle down to the Italian, British and American markets, and so you had a certain style that prevailed for an entire decade, and so it was that the 20th Century formed the basic vocabulary of fashion. Today, fashion is being consumed so fast that we’re moving into the future and growing as an industry, but our vocabulary remains the same.
And so now you have this new focus on style as opposed to fashion, and it’s an idea that magazines love to promote; the idea that your style is individual, that it’s not subservient to trends.

The mood at Milan was positive. The Italian government is currently focusing on Made in Italy as a concept, the idea that it is the most luxurious thing in the world. Parisians may have the best fashion but if you look at their bags, they’ll all say ‘Made in Italy’. And so there’s this great focus on craft that we saw at brands like Gucci, Tod’s and Fendi."

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As told to Komal Basith.

Illustrated by Roshini Frederick.



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