The Essential Style Lessons We Learnt From Victoria Beckham

Anushka Mulchandani

Let her spice up your style!

We can all agree that Victoria Beckham’s style journey didn’t exactly start on the best note. Sure we may have loved those tight, short tube dresses she made her signature during the Spice Girls era, but we’re all quite glad that phase is behind her now.

Victoria Beckham has come a long way since crooning on stage. We’re not hearing her sing any time soon but if her clothes had a voice, they’d be on top of all the music charts in existence today. Her designs, like her own personal style are crisp, minimal and bring that instant elegance and style to your look.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that her style has taught us a whole lot. Put those skin tight dresses aside (if you haven’t already), it’s time to spice up your style with Victoria.


Black Is Bae

Day or night, it’s clear that black is Mrs. Beckham’s favorite shade. And you can see why. The color instantly makes an outfit formal and if you have a last minute do to attend, it’s the first color you need to try.


A Crisp White Shirt Can Go A Long Way

Victoria loves her white shirt almost as much as she loves wearing black. Whether it’s super formally with trousers or just basic denims, her white shirt never lets her down.



Relaxed Silhouettes Aren’t Just For Lounging In

We never land up wearing a loose top and airy bottoms together. Why? Because it’s always been about showing off those curves. But on days when you’re feeling bloated or just in the mood for some comfort, it’s totally ok to go the relaxed route outdoors. Beckham even wore it on the runway after her show!


Pick A Solid Statement Shade

The easiest way to ensure that all eyes are on you is with a solid shade in a sexy silhouette. You don’t need to rely on sequins and the length of the dress to make a statement.


A Layer Makes Everything Look Better

I’ve always felt a bit incomplete without a layer or an addition to my outfit. Clearly we’re on the same wavelength because Beckham loves her layers too. Whether it’s a simple blazer or a trench, it just adds so much more to your look.




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