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Gym Face Never Looked Better

Meghana Rabindranath

How to take care of your skin post workout

If there has been a recent development in my life it’s definitely been my obsession with my skin. Now while I drink a minimum of 1 gallon of water a day, exercise well, don’t wear an ounce of skin makeup on weekdays (yes, we’re an almost all-girl-office) and eat as healthily as possible, my skin is not having it.

My initial thought was I had just got off birth control, which was driving my skin nuts, but my recent visit to the gynecologist cut that off my list. But she was quick to point out that my post workout skin routine was probably the problem! Though I was cleansing my face after every gym session, it seems that I just wasn’t taking care of my skin the right way and was literally sitting there soaking in all that bacteria on my skin.

While working out can be a great instrument for getting the radiant skin of your dreams, because of increased circulation and blood flow, without the right post sweat skin care, you do more harm than good on your face from your exercise routine.

Here are a few things I learned about cleaning your skin the right way after a workout:


Be Gentle

Well, technically the golden rule of skin care is cleansing. While you should wash your skin after exercising, you have to remember to not use harsh cleansers or toners that will strip away your natural oils. Most people believe that post workout cleansing needs to be harsh to wash away all that grime and sweat but stay away from cleansers that can overly dry/harsh on the skin as your skin is flushed and more sensitive after a workout.  So, try an antibacterial cleanser with natural tea tree oil or a cooling aloe based face wash, or a gentle milky one.


Temperature Control

Since you've already put your skin through changes in temperature during a workout and are in contact with bacteria, using a face wash or soap with pH levels as close to neutral as possible. Also, use of tepid water to cleanse your skin is ideal. It's best to avoid application of both moisturizer and makeup immediately upon washing after a workout to let your skin breathe. Post workout the oil glands in your skin have a natural tendency to secrete therefore putting anything on right away may block the pores. To avoid this, wait for skin to cool to room temperature. Make sure to wash your face with a few splashes of cool water to lower the temperature can cool your skin, if you're in a hurry to dash out after the gym for a dinner date or a drinking night.


Calm It Down

Everyone’s skin reacts to things differently but we’re going to go on a limb here when we say your skin is possibly flushed after a workout (both the good or bad kinda flushed) point being, you need to calm your skin down with a face mist or toning spray post workout. Apply a green tea or an aloe based gel, serum, or light moisturizer or thermal water to reduce inflammation, redness and to calm the skin down in general. If you glow after a sweat session, a toner is still a good idea to restore balance to pH levels.


Steam Team

This is when you’ve got some free time after the gym. It’s as good as getting a facial. Slather on some gentle cleansing milk or a natural face mask and get in the steam for around 5-7 minutes. Make sure to do this only after the entire cleansing-your-face process. The idea is usually t let your skin breathe after a workout so give this a go 10 minutes after your workout while your skin has had some time to calm down. Use only natural and gentle products that won't clog pores.


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