Welcome The Cushion Compact Into Your Makeup Kit

Naaila Khan

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (no judgment – under a rock is where we should all be this sultry as hell summer), you’ve heard of the beauty game-changing Korean imports – the BB cream, the CC cream and family. The foundation-meets-moisturizer-meets-SPF hybrid came into our makeup kits with a promise of delivering light, natural coverage and a plethora of skincare benefits like sun protection, anti aging and hydration all rolled into one tube – enough to make a convert of any sworn foundation user and to urge non-believers in base makeup to take baby steps towards flawless coverage.

But why have we all convened here today when we’re familiar with all of this? To formally introduce you to the latest variation of the Korean formula – BBs and CCs have now been freed from the tube and are housed in a cushion compact packaging instead! They look exactly like your regular mirrored, snap-lock compact powders, and basically have a sponge soaked in product with a thin powder puff – contained in a separate compartment of the compact so as not to dry out the product below.

For one, no more sticky fingers! And second, super convenient, easy and even application of product that goes on sheer and luminous, and is buildable. Plus, because you’re not using fingers, the application has a subtle cooling effect while you swipe on product – a welcome break from regular base during warmer months. What this means for your daily makeup routine: about half the time shaved off, packing a pretty serious, skin-prepping wallop. Also, no leaky tubes while you tote your BB around! And take it from me, these babies last a long, long time.

Here’s a bunch of the best cushion compacts in the market – give them a go!


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