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What That Expiration Date On Your Moisturiser Means

Komal Basith

How can you tell, other than what it says on the bottle, when a product has expired? I have a couple of moisturisers that are technically past their expiry date but seem fine to me. Is it OK to use them still?

That depends mainly on what your products contain, and how they’re stored. Antioxidants break down when exposed to air or bacteria from your skin, so is the moisturiser dispensed with a dropper or is it in a jar you dip your hands into?

If it’s the former, you’re more likely to be able to extend the life a bit by using it past its expiry date. Meanwhile, take a look at the packaging – what’s it like? If it’s darker or in a thick, opaque bottle or tube, then there’s less chance of it having been exposed to direct sunlight and the ingredients from the formula within to have deteriorated.

Next, look at the texture. Has it changed or become runny? Does it smell funny? If none of those things seem to be the case, then you’re probably OK going a month or two over the expiration date – but not much longer.

How do I get my foundation to stay on all day without rubbing off?

There are a couple of ways you can do this; first, look for a light, oil-free formula, which is less likely to smear or rub off than heavier, creamier formulas. Next, the foundation itself – look for one which claims specifically to last for longer, like Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Stay In Place Foundation – that stuff does not budge once on.

Finally, get your foundation to stay put by throwing a primer into the mix – it’ll give your foundation something to cling on to. I’m a huge fan of Urban Decay’s Brightening and Tightening Complexion Primer Potion. Just like its eyshadow primer counterpart, this little wonder mattifies and brightens your skin and makes foundation last for ages.

I’m finally ready to try sculpting my face after watching countless Kim Kardashian-inspired videos, but how do I know what colour to buy?

Well first off, congratulations, and welcome to the big bad world of face sculpting! About which colour to choose, remember that contouring your face rarely looks as natural in real life as it does on camera, regardless of what Ms. Kardashian will have you believe, so the key to working a believable look is to keep the shade you choose subtle – go a couple of shades darker than your natural skintone and no further.

Skip the shimmer, because it’ll do the exact opposite of what you’re aiming for – bring out the hollows of the face instead of making them appear more sunken in – and finally, use a big, fluffy blush, like this one from Real Techniques, to really blend, blend, blend everything out. Good luck!



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