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Why Don't You Consider The Little White Dress?

Naaila Khan

Perhaps our favourite wardrobe activity is styling and re-styling statement pieces to wear in cool new ways. And what’s a better summer staple than the little white dress? A perfect palette to dress up or dress down, remixing this neutral is like going on a fun adventure. Best part? The pristine colour isn’t going anywhere ever, summer or otherwise.

Tricky part though? Which white is your white? The bleached Tide kind, the subtler, pearly one or the light fawn hue? Well, taking it up a notch from our skin undertones guide, here are some rules of wearing white to complement your complexion.

As a rule of thumb, the more contrast the between your skin tone and the white, the better it’s going to look. Tanned/darker skinned/warm undertoned people – you’re obviously in luck, you can carry off every white shade there is, from stark to champagne. As for paler skin tones/cool undertones, pick creamier whites like ivory, off-white and ecru so they don’t wash you out.

Ahead, we’ve picked out some sassy frocks in three different shades of white, definite bona fide buys you’re going to want to make!

We're talking about the typical, whitest white. This is probably the most tricky white there is, seeing as while it looks particularly striking on darker-skinned people, fair to medium skin tones might want to avoid the colour. It tends to make you look drained and sallow. But if you fall on the darker skin spectrum, bleached white is the way to go! Here are two tasteful options.

The slightly yellow-tinged sister of natural white, off-white is perfect for medium skin tones with pinker or blue undertones. A safer bet than pure white, the yellow undertone in this hue helps cancelling out the redness in your undertones, making you look less flushed, and brighter-eyed. Try these two off-white high street offerings.

You can describe this one as the deepest shade of ivory, almost bordering on tan/beige. If you've ever seen unbleached, raw linen, this is the colour. It looks lovely when worn on the bronze - ebony skin palette, and people with cooler undertones. Pair these gorgeous dresses with jewel-toned accessories and you have yourself a winner.


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