Will You Bring Me: Benefit's The Porefessional

Naaila Khan

Although I am the grateful owner of fairly well-behaved skin, my one bone of contention with it has always been large pores. Primers, potions, foundations – I’ve found that most do a pretty incomplete job of covering them up, but Benefit has thankfully addressed this (admittedly first world) problem with the Porefessional PRO Balm, which promises to minimise the appearance of pores – and boy, does it stick to its claim.

The directions ask you to pat a thin layer onto the moisturised skin on your nose, forehead, or cheeks and blend outward (a foundation brush helps with this). At first, the consistency might remind you of peanut butter (which is a great thing, if you ask me) – lightweight, translucent and almost balmy, which soon transforms into a silky, powdery, matte consistency. If you’ve ever crushed pollen between your fingers, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Any areas you’ve patted this stuff onto instantly look brighter, but you’ll have to wait a minute or two before the real magic happens. Suddenly, you’ll find that your pores seem to have disappeared into your skin, while any acne scars (the kind that form little recesses on your skin, much like pores) are practically invisible.

The product works best under makeup; when it goes on solo, you can wave your pores goodbye, but be sure to expect absolutely zero coverage. As far as sticking to what it claims to do this one’s definitely a keeper, even if you can only get your hands on it outside India; after all, that’s what holidays / visiting cousins are for.


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