Will You Bring Me: NYC Strip Me Off Basecoat

Naaila Khan

There are two kinds of people in the world – the ones who love glitter, and the ones who don’t. I proudly belong to the latter kind; give me the glitter and I’m a happy girl. And so I go through life, throwing on sequined jackets as many times as it’s acceptable to wear sequined jackets in a row, and for the rest of it, I’ve always got my nails.
Sadly, when the glitter party on my hands starts to chip off and it’s time to go home, it’s slightly irksome when all that sparkle refuses to come off. A ton of cotton wipes and a quarter bottle of acetone later, my nail beds look like they’ve been through a hard, dehydrated time.

That’s why hearing about the NYC Strip Me Off Base Coat was like music to my nails, er, ears. Though a little late to the party (O.P.I had a similar offering called the Glitter Off Natural Base Coat), it claims to peel all those piled-on coats of shimmer right off. It goes on white (think diluted Fevicol) on your nails and quickly dries to a clear matte, over which you can paint on as many hard-to-come-off glitter (or any other) coats as you wish. Once you’re bored of your mani, all you have to do is peel the base coat off with the assistance of a cuticle pusher or a nail file to nice, clean nails, without putting your tips through the torture of a remover. There might be some residue on the corners depending on how well you covered your nail with the base coat, but nothing a tiny bit of remover can’t take care of.

A couple things to remember though: make sure you don’t have any grease on your nails before applying the base coat; it won’t fix itself well if you do. The thicker you apply your coats of glitter, the easier they will come off later.
At $1.99, the price point isn’t exactly earth shattering which is great, though you won’t find this one on Indian shelves. Go get your sparkle on.



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