Will You Bring Me: OPI’s Matte Top Coat

Naaila Khan

Let me bring to your attention the most neglected member of your nail arsenal – the topcoat. Gallantly protecting your manicure from keys, keyboards and sharp edges, it’s always worth the extra time – remember the last time you had one on and your nail did a backbend but didn’t chip? That was the topcoat!

As a serial Instagrammer, I’ve been super inspired by all the matte finish nails cropping up on my feed and so when OPI released their Matte Top Coat, promising to turn even the glossiest of varnishes matte in seconds, I had to try.

Here’s what a matte top coat does – just like it says on the bottle, it turns the finish of whatever lacquer you have on to a dull, textured version of it – imagine what your nails would look and feel like if you placed a thin sheet of butter paper over them.

This one’s easy to apply and over regular nail polishes, and it becomes a fun magic trick of sorts to see the clear varnish coating your nails and mattifying them in seconds. You might want to go with two coats to make everything last longer than a couple of days – or, if you’re into the whole so perfect-it’s-almost-fake look, swipe on a layer of acrylic topcoat before finishing with OPI’s Matte Top Coat for nails that look like you care about them, but without, you know, being pretentious.

The slightly oversized bottle packs in a ton of possibilities, and the formula looks interesting on almost any type of nail varnish, so break out your nudes, shimmers, and flecked glitters – go wild!

Personally, I love how it works on nude shades, creating a velvety effect you’ll love while adding a slightly frosty texture to shimmers and glittery polishes. Add this to the list for the next time you’re on holiday!


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