What’s the biggest trick up every makeup artist’s sleeve? Contouring! Otherwise known as the art of making your cheekbones appear sharper, your jawline more defined, and giving you the bone structure of a supermodel. There’s no pre-defined formula for beauty, of course, and imperfections are often what make a face – where would Lara Stone (1, 2) be without that gap in herfront teeth? (Answer: still a super model, because she’s just downright gorgeous.) Still, contouring is great for enhancing what you already have; besides, it’s fun, honest! Granted, there’s something mysterious-seeming about the idea of being able to alter the appearance of your actual bone structure, which is why contouring’s always been regarded as a bit of a pro skill; something not to be tried at home. This really isn’t the case; I met makeup artist Wendy Rowe backstage at Burberry earlier this year and she showed me how easy it is by demonstrating it on Cara Delevingne (3) before the show. It took her minutes to give the baby-faced model cheekbones that looked like they could cut glass with some strategically placed bronzer and highlighter, which are the two key elements to this trick.

Contouring works incredibly well at night too, thanks to the dimmer, softer light and all those shadows they create – and what’s the next big night you’ve got coming up? New Year’s Eve! Just in time for Tuesday's shenanigans, I’ve rounded up the two best contouring how-tos to be found on the Internet; one by Charlotte Tilbury, who demonstrates an easy- how-to in less than three minutes, and the other by Wayne Goss, who shows us a more in-depth version inspired by the patron saint of contouring herself, Kim Kardashian. Mix this one up with the smokey blue eye look from earlier this week, throw in a couple of of the long wear makeup products I’ve been raving about, and you’re pretty much set for the night. 

Oh, and don’t forget to smize! See you in the new year!