Of all my friends, no one inspires more hair envy than a certain American model and designer who sports a deep Californian tan and loose, beachy waves all year long - no mean feat considering she lives in London, hardly known for its proximity to either sun or sand. The secret to her gorgeous, just off-the-beach hair, she once told me, is this: after every shower, she grabs a handful of sea salt (this is the stuff that’s responsible for making your hair look so bouncy, so sexy, so bodacious, while by the ocean), rubs it through her roots, lets her hair dry naturally, and voila! Loose, sexy waves for days. All that raw salt does make her hair super dry however, so she visits her hairdresser twice a month to deep condition her hair back to life. No pain, no gain, right? Unless your answer’s a resounding ‘hell no, we won’t go’, in which case, read on.

Beachy waves are perhaps the biggest hair trend of the last few years, and for good reason – they works well on all types of hair and require minimal styling; nobody wants to look like they’ve spent hours at the salon anymore! Until recently, barring actually going to the beach, getting the look meant having at it with the curling tongs and risking frying your hair with all that heat – or drying it out with sea salt, like my friend above. But now that a host of sea salt sprays fortified with plant extracts and minerals that both condition and nourish hair while creating sultry, perfectly undone waves are available, you can get the look without damaging your hair - or heading to the ocean. All it takes are the right products and a simple technique.


For Naturally Wavy Hair: Ouidad’s  Wave Create Sea Spray (8) takes the mostly wavy, sometimes lackluster hair nature gave you and gives it an identity – chiefly, that of a beach goddess. See: Christy Turlington, Gisele (6). The natural seawater and sea salt crystals provide the oomph, while seaweed and algae extracts lock in moisture and render hair supremely touchable.  

For Hair That Needs a Little Help: If you’re wishing your limp, straight hair could be magically transformed into bouncy, I-woke-up-looking-like-this waves that last for days, consider me your hairy fairy godmother, for Kms California’s Hair Play Sea Salt Spray (9) will do just this. A couple of spritzes of this stuff onto freshly washed hair and you’re good to go – hurrah for no-fuss hair products! While I’m not sure how the formula works – fairy dust? Unicorn tears? – what I do know is that is gives hair texture, volume and body for days, and that it’s the best bet for hair that has trouble holding a curl.

For Hair That Needs Some Love: Argan oil and Vitamin E are your best bet when it comes to a spray that conditions hair while adding that just back from the beach texture, and Clarisea's Beachy Waves Salt Spray (10) has plenty of both for super soft, beautifully defined waves. It smells absolutely incredible too, which doesn’t hurt.  




First wash your hair, and soak up excess moisture with a towel – here’s the correct way to do it. Once it’s almost dry – but still damp, hold the bottle of sea salt spray about 6 inches away from your scalp and spray liberally through your roots. Then let your hair dry naturally, or pull your hair into a high bun and let it dry over the next hour before letting it down. Alternatively, if you’re in a rush, use a diffuser attached to your hairdryer on the lowest heat setting on your roots.  


The result: natural, bouncy waves that last for days. If you can’t go to the sea, well - bring it to you!