“Oh my god, is that Edie Campbell? I had no idea!” exclaimed a journalist upon spotting the British supermodel (1) backstage before a show at London Fashion Week. She was referring to Campbell’s dramatically darker, shorter locks, which now makes the formerly blonde Pattie Boyd doppelgänger look a lot more like Joan Jett. “I actually had it cut for a shoot,” Campbell told me later. “It was for American Vogue, and they called me and told me the look would require super short, dark hair, and I kind of wanted it to be authentic as opposed to just wearing a wig, you know? And so now we have this dark mullet-like ‘do. I dyed my hair purple once, but other than that, this is the craziest thing I’ve done to it - I have to say, I quite like it.” 

Campbell’s not the only super taking the plunge when it comes to shearing it all off; Karlie Kloss famously cut hers a while ago and doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to grow it out. “I love the length,” she said at Burberry, between posing for a flurry of photographers before the show (2, 3). “It just about grazes my collarbones so I can wear it up, I can leave it down, the hairstylists love it because it’s so versatile. And have you seen Edie’s? It’s a full blown trend. Jessica (Stam) just got hers cut too and she looks amazing!” 

Stam’s new look (5) was more of a happy accident, says Garren Defazio of Garren New York, which Jessica recently visited to have her hair coloured. “So this all started when Jessica was a brunette for last season and decided she wanted to go back to being a blonde,” says Defazio. “She came into the salon to see our colorist, Christopher-John to take her back to her original golden blonde. We knew we wanted to go back to the blonde, but how could we make it more new? When she came in, all the kids in the salon were saying to her, “Why don’t you have Garren cut it?” Stam said she’d think about it, and it didn’t take her long to decide; she was back the next day. “I put my thinking cap on and knew I had to bring her from a long, shaggy look to a shorter cut with the length right to the neck line,” he says. “It’s new and a little more modern. I gave her more of a layered bowl cut with a lot of options. It looks like Joey Heatherton meets Edie Sedgwick. It’s something that can be worn behind the ears, with or without a fringe. I wanted her to have something easy. It immediately made her 5 years younger and more ingénue. Successfully for her, it’s working! She loves it and I think it’s adorable.” Stam agrees, recently tweeting this adorable picture (6) with the caption, “Short hair is the next big thing!” Considering all the supporting evidence, it's hard not to agree.